It’s so hot even my diapers are Thirsties

I’ll admit it.  The main reason I purchased a Thirsties Duo Snap Wrap diaper cover was for the print Blackbird, a print perhaps even more beloved than those sassy little monsters the Ooga Boogas.

Blackbird, blackbird, have you any PUL? Yes, sir!

I’ll also admit that on those bleary-eyed newborn mornings, a pre-stuffed pocket was a welcome sight over the two-step diaper-and-cover process.  I never quite got the hang of newborn prefolds.  Originally, I bought a dozen Bummis newborn prefolds and a set of three Snappis.  From my research, I thought I would use the prefolds often.  I was right – except I ended up using my prefolds to lay baby on for changing and to make sure her little bummi was nice and dry before a fresh dipe (and I still use them for this!)

Don’t fear, though.  My Thirsties never got neglected.  For the the first four months (to 15 pounds) that it fit, it was perfect over fitted diapers (Under the Nile and Green Mountain Diapers fitteds).  Also, oddly enough, my husband actually preferred the prefold/snappi routine over all other diapers.   This was one of the reasons I decided to get a dozen infant-sized organic prefolds and a Thirsties Size 2 when Nika needed to size up.  Now, I am enjoying the power of prefolds.  I’ve got the Snappi-dance down and the organic cotton is soft, smell-free and great for days at home.

I do have a few words of caution.  My new Size 2 is a solid color (rose).  I washed according to directions and still had some color bleed into the white seam, so I would recommend a careful first wash.  Also, be gentle with the snaps, as always, but especially with the rise snaps.  I found that they are more easily dislodged than on the Size 2 for some reason.

That being said, I would love to try some other Thirsties products like pail liners, prefolds, doublers, or even the diaper cover, which is said to have a roomier fit than the trimmer wrap for nighttime stuffings .  They have a give-away every week called Thirsty Thursdays.  Check it out.  This week is wipes and diaper bags!


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