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Stroller Independence Day!

Yesterday was a great 4th of July here.  100 degrees, sunny, and filled with picnicking and barbeque.  The best part was taking my daughter to the park behind our house, where an Independence Day celebration was happening all day.  It’s great living next to a huge public park complete with playground, pool and miles of trails.  I’ve been making it a part of our day to take advantage of the park as much as possible, so as a part of our daily routine we go on a little walk in the morning.  The Moby Wrap baby carrier is great for that.  Yesterday, people could not resist smiling at Nika when they saw her riding along with her little flag in hand!

I’m fortunate to live in a very eco-conscious community.  The creators of Moby (which stands for MOther and baBY) are even from this town, so I was excited to buy a Moby when I was pregnant.  I looked at Baby Bjorn and Ergo carriers, but purchased the Moby because it was half the cost and seemed to be very versatile.  In the first few months, despite watching the tutorials several times, Nika and I were not always very comfortable with it.  She would spend a half an hour or so in it every few days, though when it was comfortable in the cradle hold for her she would fall right asleep, which was helpful during the fussiest weeks.  Once she had better head control, however, she started to like facing forward and the I finally felt confident enough in it to start taking walks outside.  Now she is in it several times a day, and her dad likes to wear her around the park or while watering the garden!

Who needs wheels?

Nika loves the Moby because she wants to see what’s going on.  The stroller has it’s function, of course, but in the stroller she just gets bored and naps.  In the Moby, even a trip to the grocery store is exciting for her.  Other people love to see her as well.  Also, Moby wraps come in cute colors and patters, organic cotton, and are super portable.  I bought the natural color, and with all the folding I felt like giant fortune cookie the first few times I tried it on!   Now I’m a pro and people stop and comment on it all the time.  So, yesterday we celebrated our independence from strollers by going on Moby-walks so Nika could be in on all the action!