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My Goodness, My GroVia!

As a cloth diaper newbie, I couldn’t decide on just one type to try, so I did my best to get a good sample of what was available.  I bought prefolds, pockets, fitteds, all-in-ones (AIO) and all-in-twos (AI2).  Not all of my stash fit at the beginning, but my baby has now had the opportunity to try and even outgrow some of her diapers!


My GroVia snap shell (in owl print) is my favorite diaper right now.  It finally began to fit at about 12 pounds/2 months.  I typically use the Organic Cotton Soaker pads, but I’ve also used the BioSoaker disposable insert.  I’ve yet to use it with a prefold but I think it’s great that it will work that way also.  The diaper has stood up to washing so far.  I try to hang dry the soakers as they won’t completely dry in one cycle anyway.  I haven’t had a leak with this diaper *yet* and I’ve used it at night.  I have had a few smelling issues with the soakers, but I haven’t perfected my wash routine and so far an extra rinse seems to have helped.  The soakers have little wings on the sides that have been really successful in containment, allowing the shell to be used again even after a big “event”!

GroVia, cute as can be-a

I also have a GroVia AIO in Mod Flower print.  It has been just as successful as the AI2 but with a few exceptions.  I love the ease of the AIO, and as this is my only one, it was in daily rotation.  Similar to the shell, it didn’t fit baby well enough to use until month 2 and since then it has been used daily without a leak.  She is a heavy wetter and I still haven’t needed the extra snap-on soaker that came with it yet!  My complaint is with the wear on the diaper.  I was washing daily for a time, but I follow the instructions and either tumble or air dry.  Still, there is noticeable wear to the cinched leg area.  Also there is a seam where the soaker is attached that catches solid matter.  Even after a pre-rinse, wash and extra rinse and sun-drying, there is still discoloration in the seam and it looks a little crusty.  It needs a little more attention to clean than the other diapers.  Perhaps that is the trade-off for the ease of using the AIOs.

One thing I love about GroVia is availability.  They are available at Costco and I have at least one store in my town that supplies them.  Great to save on shipping.  I’ve also noticed that they do have periodic sales.   This makes them a convenient diaper with great options.  I would like to expand my shell and soaker collection in the future, though for the price of the AIO I would expect it to last much longer.

What I paid:

$16.95 Snap shell

$17.95 Soaker 2-pack

$22.95 AIO

$7.99 BioSoaker inserts 20 count