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Harvest Time at Applecheeks

As a follow-up to my last post, Applecheeks is having a wonderful sale – 10% off until September 16!  Check out their Facebook page for some of the many participating retailers or head on over to Applecheeks site.  I plan on stocking up and trying out some of the bamboo boosters.

To sweeten the sale, like sugar on top of a fresh apple pie, Applecheeks is hosting a great giveaway to celebrate getting 8,000 fans on Facebook.  Check out the blog post to enter to win one of six little bundles, which include a diaper and insert!

Mmmmm….apples in fall are my favorite.


Mom-azon is one of my more frequently used shopping sites because of the variety of products and prices, and usually extensive user reviews.   I’ve also made hundreds of dollars selling my old textbooks.  I just found out that Amazon also has a great feature for caregivers called Amazon Mom.

Amazon Mom is a free program.  You give them your stats to tailor ads to your Amazon account and they give you 30% off of select diapers and wipes, 15% off of other categories like Grocery and Household Supplies and free Amazon Prime 2-Day shipping for 3 months on eligible items, or longer, if you spend at least $25 in the Baby store.

I bought many baby items from Amazon, either because it was the best price or because it was the only place I could find things. I used to wait until I had enough to get the Super Saver shipping, so I think free shipping is great.  I live far from my family so I am always sending gifts and it will be nice to not worry about shipping charges for awhile, and 2-day shipping at that.  So that way when I’ve been up all night with a feeding baby and I forget someone’s birthday until just before, I won’t have to waste tons on express shipping!  Yay!  Plus, I’m sure I can spend $25 in the baby store.  I’ve even bought cloth diapers from Amazon!

There is also a Subscribe and Save program which lets you save even more if you put eligible items on an automatic delivery schedule.  Who knew?

Born Green Girl

Today is July 2.  My daughter turns four months old today.  It was a year ago on July 4 that I found out I was pregnant and my world got a little bit greener.  I was always environmentally conscious but that day I began to shift my focus from the big picture of world issues to the littlest picture of all – my baby girl.

Everything I did suddenly became a risk/benefit analysis.  I stopped using paraben-laden cosmetics, banned BPA products from the house and worried about everything from gas fumes to pool chlorine.  I also gave myself carte blanche to buy fresh organic food.  It’s been a long road from Pop-tart Jersey girl to crunchy Californian.  My daughter, however, was born a crunchy Californian.  And I continue to do everything in my knowledge and power to keep her life green.