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Bye, Bye Blueberry

Today was a sad day for my diaper stash.  When I was changing Nika and realized her diaper made her look like a mini plumber-in-training, I knew it was time – time to say goodbye to her Blueberry MiniDeluxe newborn diaper.

The MiniDeluxe was always a favorite.  It’s soft and trim and was one of her best fitting diapers until she outgrew it.  I consider myself  lucky though – it fit from day one at 7 pounds and lasted until month 4 at 16 pounds (it’s tagged to 15 pounds).  Because of the trim fit I only used it during the day.  It fit well under clothes, but wasn’t as accomodating for extra nighttime stuffing.  I usually only used the microterry insert with it and can’t recall any leaking issues aside from it needing a stripping cycle at about 2 months of daily use.

The Blueberry was costlier for a newborn diaper at $19.95 (though I recently saw it listed at $17.95).  I considered it the splurge diaper for my newborn stash.  I love the color – meadow green with blue snaps – but moreso I love the quality.  It is always so soft and smooth.  No bunching or balling anywhere on this diaper!  And the company, which also makes Swaddlebees, is dedicated to using non-toxic cotton.  Truly a green diaper!   Hopefully I will soon be able to get a one-size to replace my mini Blue.  Until then, Blueberry season is officially over.

Peace out, green Bluey