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A Wipe for every Dipe

One of my biggest revelations when I started shopping for cloth diapers was that there are cloth wipes to go with them.  Of course it makes perfect sense, considering you use multiple wipes per diaper change.  And likely they are among the easiest things to make yourself, though I am neither handy with a needle nor do I own a sewing machine.  But really it’s like napkins – I start to feel kind of swindled when I think of how much I have been convinced to pay for disposable paper squares!

I couldn’t believe when I saw in several baby books that it was recommended to wash the wipe to use it on a newborn.  This is because even the most hypoallergenic wipes still require preservative chemicals that keep them from getting moldy which may irritating baby’s sensitive skin.  Wash the wipe?  Really?

Even when I was still unsure about cloth diapers, cloth wipes made sense to me.  I invested in a setup recommended by Green Mountain Diapers, which includes having a Thermos pump pot, Kissaluvs Diaper Potion and, of course, wipes!  I originally only purchased two dozen including one dozen 5-by-8 inch velour and one dozen 5-by-8 inch two-sided terry and flannel wipes. It was recommended to start with 4-5 dozen, and I have since expanded my stash to include two dozen more, including Organic Birdseye wipes.

Wipe central

The whole setup sits right on the end of the changing table: Thermos with a little bowl and a washcloth underneath to catch drips, and a little basket next to it with wipes, cleaner, snappis, lanolin, and even a thermometer or other little things we might need.  I boil water in the kettle to ensure it is sterilized to put in the Thermos pump pot.  The Thermos keeps the water HOT for at least half a day, so much so that sometimes I have to let it cool for a few hours before I can use it comfortably.  After that the water gets cool before it’s gone, but my baby never minded even when it was cool temperature-wise.  Now that it is hot the cool water feels good!

I’m glad I tried a variety of wipes.  The two-sided terry/flannel wipes are great.  The terry side really grabs at solids and the flannel is smooth for a wipe-down.  These wipes are a bit thicker, however, so it’s nice to have a velour or Birdseye to grab after the initial wipe to clean out the creases or to make sure baby is nice and dry.  The Birdseye wipes are the thinnest and most like disposables.  They fold and fit easily into a travel case.  I found they took longer to “break in” but after six or so washes they are soft and much more absorbent.  I keep the Kissaluvs (all-natural) diaper potion handy to.  Water is all I need usually, but I’ll give it a spray of Kissaluv’s if its a major mess and not near bathtime!

I was still using disposable wipes sometimes during travel or laundry, and I found that Nika was getting red blotches that I believe were from the wipes, so I think clean, soft cotton wipes and water are so much better.  They’re so nice I’ve even considered using them myself!  The wipes go in with my regular diaper laundry and I’ve never had smell/stain issues at all with them.  The only real difference is having to boil some water every few days.  Oh, and not having to go buy wipes!

What I paid:

Thermos pump pot $17.99

2-sided wipes $9.95 per dozen

Organic Birdseye wipes $9.95 per dozen

Velour wipes $10.95 per dozen

Kissaluvs Diaper Lotion Potion Spray $7.95